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Walking in Denmark Town


Walking in Denmark is wonderful. If you want to get a glimpse of the history and wonder of Denmark Town you could go on this short walk around town. You'll pass by the main shopping area and pass cafes along the way (if you want to stop). Denmark is just the right size to stroll around. The markers in the map below can all be visited individually or as a circular walk. If you've got the time to shop as you walk, you could spend most of a day strolling through town too.

A good point to start is at the AQUA MARKER below... the gazebo on Horsley Road at the Denmark Bridge.

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A Walking Tour of Denmark
If you read the history page in conjunction it will help you to understand the significance of the buildings and some of the areas you are passing on your walking tour.

We'd started there, at the riverside. The aqua-coloured marker on the map.
There is a large gazebo with seating for two dozen people plus ample parking. Barbecues and toilets too. To the left of the facilities you will see boardwalk. This meanders around to the river and is a beautiful walk, flat and peaceful and it takes you past two lily ponds and flows towards the river where you can relax on a secluded picnic bench right on the Denmark River's edge. If you're lucky you'll see some water birds.

From here walk you can south under the Road Bridge (there's a path) and along the riverside into Berridge Park. Enjoy the trees and the riverside. When you're ready, look for the Old Denmark Hotel across the street from the park. This is the corner of Walker St.

Head up hill on Walker St. and you'll arrive at the main street in Denmark, Strickland St, Look across the street and you'll see the oldest building in Denmark, St Leonard's Anglican Church, built in 1988. This is a quaint wooden structure and is the oldest building in Denmark dating back to 1899. It was built by the community members. There is a beautiful wall tapestry hanging inside representing 100 years of the church from 1899 - 1999. There are 33 individually created squares with unique pictures, it is a very beautiful work of art. The inside of the Church takes you back in time, it has a very healing and tranquil ambience. The stained glass window above the altar is simply stunning.

The RSL Hall - The First School in Denmark, is just down the road to your left. You'll see the cannon out front. When at the Church, look across the street at the facade of the buildings to see amazing street art of the flora and fauna of Denmark.

Continue up through denmark on Mitchell St (across from Walker St.) and you'll pass the oldest planted tree in Denmark and on the corner you'll see the Red Cross Building.

At the top of Mitchell St is the Denmark Historical Museum. You can't miss it. This wonderful museum tells the history of the town of Denmark with relics from it's past. Walk around the corner onto Short Street and head down towards the South Coast Highway. Cross the Highway into Randall Park and follow the road (now Millar St) down the hill to the intersection with Mount Shadforth Rd. Directly across the street is a park with a small stream that leads to the Denmark River with a small waterfall.
Consider having a breath in the shade or head on to the Old Butter Factory Galleries on Mt Shadforth Rd. Have a cake and tea at the Cafe or browse the eclectic array in the Galleries or watch an artist in the studios... the Old Butter Factory is worth the stop.

At this point you can walk down Mt Shadforth Road towards town, continue around the corner past the modern IGA supermarket, down the hill, at the bottom of the hill on the right will be North Street. Follow North Street down to Horsley Rd, and you're back where you started, at the riverside.

Alternatively, walk to the corner (the IGA) and cross the road to the Bibbulmun Cafe (maybe stop for another cake) and then cross the highway again back into the main shopping area of Denmark.

Stop at Fig Tree Square to see the oldest fig in Denmark. This delightful courtyard Square is named after the giant and exquisitely beautiful Fig Tree in its centre planted in 1925. There are some great shopping opportunities here including Denmark Organic and Wholefoods and the award winning Denmark Bakery to name but a few.

You can enjoy a coffee or meal in the Square at Cafe 8 sitting indoors or outdoors and relax alfresco on the benches or outdoor pavement seating.

Stroll through town until you get to Walker Street heading back down towards the riverside and Berridge Park.
Stroll through the park, under the bridge (or across the road) and back to the start.

A Wonderful Short Walking Tour of Denmark, Western Australia

To note during your tour:

Gazebo, Board walk and Lily Ponds

2 lily ponds, a boardwalk and a peaceful stroll to the bench by the river.

St. Leonard's Anglican Church

Denmark's oldest remaining building built in 1899 by settlers who had come to work in the Denmark sawmills.

Denmark Historical Museum

Denmark's Historical Museum is the site of the Old Police Station built in 1923.
Old Butter Factory

The inside of the Old Buttery Factory is beautiful. Artists studios openly viewable makes this a unique experience. Enjoy the Alpaca Shop with its divine wares and a meal at Mrs Jones!

The Old Butter Factory is located close to the heart of town.

Peaceful surroundings

Beautiful old trees of all types in this spectacularly forested area of the Great Southern. Walking down by the river is peaceful and calming.

A chance to reflect on the blessings of being here in Denmark!

A glimpse of the past





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Denmark Western Australia on the South Coast of Western Australia is part of a national biosphere area and deserves our care and respect. Please try to be responsible for your environmental impact when visiting Denmark WA.