Denmark Western Australia - A Local's Tour Guide
Environmental Awareness
in Western Australia

It is our responsibility to care for the environment. Making yourself aware of your impact will help us all to preserve this beautiful natural environment for future generations.
"Dieback" - Phytophthora cinnamomi outlines the thread to the South West of Western Australia:

"Introduction of phytophthora dieback into the region has devastated many native plant communities and is threatening a number of rare plants with extinction."

This requires OUR actions to prevent the spread of this disease.

How can you help?

Any activity which transfers soil or plant matter from one site to another site has the potential to spread the disease including:

Please be responsible for your impact by keeping your shoes and tyres clean and free from dirt before entering into a bush land or forested area.

Thank you for taking the time to care for the trees.


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Denmark Western Australia on the South Coast of Western Australia is part of a national biosphere area and deserves our care and respect. Please try to be responsible for your environmental impact when visiting Denmark WA. Photographs of Denmark have all been taken by local photographers and are copyright protected. They are editorial in nature and are not for sale and may NOT be used without written permission. Denmark WA Maps are coded using technology from Google. Videos are intended for educational and documentary purposes and are streamed using YouTube technology. Website Design and photography by our family of five living in the heart of the Rainbow Coast. This site is for informational purposes only and is a travelogue, weblog and a web resource for visitors to the South Coast, the Great South West Edge of Western Australia. This is a website sharing the beauty of Denmark Western Australia from a local's perspective. We are not affiliated with the Shire of Denmark. We are not affiliated with the official Denmark Visitors Centre.
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