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Denmark Area Forests:

Denmark is the place where the Forest meets the Sea. Beaches and forests co-exist, interspersed with ancient rock formations. The Karri trees, straight and tall, love the area, and you will know you are in Denmark when you pass into these silvery giants.

Denmark's Harewood Forest along the Scotsdale Road Tourist Drive in Denmark is a delightful trail through the karri trees allowing you to learn the history of the logging industry (via small signs) as you go.

In the Southern Forests you will find some of the most ancient trees in the world. The Giant Tingle Tree canopy can be viewed close-up at the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk at the Walpole Wilderness Discovery Centre west of Denmark. Continuing west toward Walpole is the home of The Giant Tingle Tree, the oldest lving eucalypt in the world.

Karri Trees on Mount Frankland

The region's vegetation includes both towering karri and giant tingle but also includes seven hundred native species of plants and trees, making it one of the top ten areas of terrestrial biodiversity on the planet. (Aahh! It's fresh, fresh air.)

The most popular Forest adventure on the South Coast is the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk and Ancient Empires Walk through ancient tingle trees...

Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk Denmark Western Australia Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk
The architecturally designed pathway takes you gradually into the giant forest canopy. The view is breathtaking from the tops of these massive wooden giants. Click here to visit the Valley of the Giants.

Ancient Empires Walk, Valley of the Giants Ancient Empires Walk
The Ancient Empires Walk takes you through the forest at the base of the Giant Tingle Trees. Combined with your ticket to the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk, it is the most visited place on the coast. Visit Ancient Empires Walk.

Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk
Harewood Forest Walk Harewood Forest Walk
Harewood Forest is an almost 1.5k walk through the forest. The stream at the end is the turn-around point. Filled with information on history, flora & fauna. Learn as you walk. Visit Harewood Forest.
William Bay National Park, Western Australia William Bay National Park
Completely forested with native trees and flowers, the Bibbulmun Track passes directly through this wilderness coast. Visit William Bay National Park
William Bay MAP Western Australia William Bay National Park MAP
Greens Pool, Elephant Rocks, Mazzoletti Beach, Tower Hill, Madfish Bay and Waterfall Beach... Visit William Bay National ParK MAP

Walpole Area Forests:

Walpole is forest. That's why it is now called the Walpole Wilderness Area incorporating many national parks and southern forests. It's most easily seen from any one of the peaks throughout the region. Mount Frankland offers spectacular views to the horizons over rollling forests. If you like trees, you'll love the Walpole Area.

Mount Frankland National Park Mount Frankland
Mount Frankland is spectacular. Wind up towards the top of Mount Frankland through the forest canopy to the summit. Visit Mount Frankland.

Walpole Wilderness Area Forests

Mount Lindsay from atop Mount Frankland

Mount Frankland National Park Rockwood Trail, Mt. Frankland NP, Walpole
Starting at the feet of massive karri trees the undulating path takes you almost immediately amongst the towering Karri trees surrounding Mt Frankland.
Giant Tingle Tree, Walpole The Giant Tingle Tree, near Walpole Town
This Giant Tingle Tree is special because it the oldest living eucalypt in the world.It is an 800 metre walk from the forested car park, to the Giant Tingle Tree and back again. Visit the Giant Tingle Tree.

Heading north and west into the Mount Frankland National Park the giant karri trees begin again.

Karri Trees on Mount Frankland
Karri Trees at Mount Frankland National Park, Walpole

Walpole-Nornalup National Park occupies a unique high-rainfall corner of Western Australia and surrounds the towns of Walpole, Nornalup and Peaceful Bay. Part of the Walpole Wilderness area, it contains nearly 20,000 hectares of diverse vegetation, from towering karri and tingle forests to coastal heath and wetlands. Walpole-Nornalup National Park contains many pristine forests and areas with little evidence of human activity. ~ Dept of Environment and Conservation

As the Walpole-Nornalup National Park is mostly forested, there are forest walks in almost every area of the park. We particularly enjoyed the Rookwood Trail which loops under the fase of Mount Frankland (Mt Frankland National Park). The forested trail takes you through a (long) and windy path around the base through pristine native forests. A giant Tingle, Ancient Empires Walk at the Wilderness Discovery Centre, Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk

Hollowbutt Tree, Walpole
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