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The south west coast, now called the south west edge is an international biodiversity hotspot with many species of plants, birds and animals found nowhere else on earth. The wildflowers sure are wild appearing in unexpected places - some only for a few days in the year. The wildlife is diverse with a flourishing forest life. Though threatened, the fauna still have a safe home in the Walpole Wilderness Area. If you're coming to enjoy nature, remember to respect all signs and warnings and leave it as you found it.
Native WisteriaWildflowers (Flora)
Denmark and the South West Edge of Australia is home to one of the richest floras in the world. There's always something blooming in the forests. In the winter months and into summer the colours change as each flower takes it's turn opening to the sun. Even the trees have their own amazing wildflowers. Each eucalypt takes it's turn in full bloom.
Western Australian PelicanAnimals & Birds (Fauna)
The wildlife along the Denmark coast is as diverse as the countryside. One of the top six areas in the world for bio-diversity, this southern most coast is a wildlife wilderness. This little blue-tongue went against my natural 'leave-it-as-you-found-it' rule of hiking when I found him stuck between two boards of the Bibbulmun Track east of Denmark. I had to help the little fellow out. The moment I released him he scampered into a hole which was clearly his home. I'm glad to have helped.
Each year people from around the world visit the south west coast to catch a glimpse of the whales. The Great Southern Ocean is home to a huge whale population who breed and feed in the bays.

These beautiful creatures pass us during their migration as they travel between the warmer northern waters and the cooler seas surrounding Antarctica.

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