Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk

Wilderness Discovery Centre, Denmark, Western Australia

The Valley of the Giants Wilderness Discovery Centre at the Treetop Walk is one of the more memorable experiences you can have while exploring Denmark Western Australia.

The treetop walk takes you INTO the forest canopy almost forty meters above the ground on a safe and sturdy walkway in the air.

The Wilderness Discovery Centre at the Valley of the Giants makes this educational and entertaining for people of all ages.

As you gradually descend and reach the forest floor, another delight awaits you. The Ancient Empires Walk takes you on a gradual stroll through the feet of the ancient tingles, even THROUGH one!

But first, the Treetop Walk!

The Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk

A very well constructed walkway with a gradual ascent offered us the opportunity to experience the tops of the giant tingle trees in complete safety.

The treetop walk is actually a series of lightweight steel trusses built on steel pylons to form a circut 420 metre long leading over a deep red tinge gully. As the gully descends, you ascend. It's a gradual climb into the treetops.

Though technically in the Denmark Shire, the Valley of the Giants is close to the town of Walpole. To get your bearings, check out the Valley of the Giant's Treetop Walk Map located below.

Welcome Centre - Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk Wilderness Discovery Centre - Valley of the Giants

To get a sense of what the walk is like, view these videos of the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk.

Walking the Treetop Walk

Driving in the Valley

Great for Kids

Our little boys went without trepidation up the walk.

The construction of the walk also gave us, as parents, a sense of security, knowing that it was perfectly safe for them to explore the treetop walkway ahead of us.

I noticed, while squatting to talk to my son, that from his much lower angle the walkway looks virtually solid.

Valley of the Giants Treetop Walkway
Treetop walk is Child Friendly
Treetop walk is Child Friendly
Treetop walk is Child Friendly

Map to Valley of the Giants, Denmark WA

What is the walk like?

The ascent and descent are easy and shaded, walking through the trunks of the trees and into the upper canopy is amazing. It is an amazing opportunity to be with the trees in their envionment far above us in the sky.

It's a masterpiece as far as architecture goes too. The framework allows a very holistic view of the surroundings. We were able to see Mount Frankland in the distance during our last visit - a beautiful clear winter's day!

Valley of the Giants Tree - A giant!

The Ancient Empires Walk

The Ancient Empires Walk is the continuation of the tour through the Valley of the Giants.

The Giants are, of course, the giant red tingle trees which are only found in this particular area of the Walpole Wilderness Area.

Some of these giants are over fifteen metres round at the base! There is a raised wooden boardwalk which winds between and even THROUGH the giant tingle trees.

The walk takes you beneath the ancient canopy on a meandering circular path back towards the Wilderness Discovery Centre.

Platform in the Valley of the Giants

Wilderness Discovery Centre

A visitors centre, gift shop and more are located at the centre. An entry fee applies to access the Treetop Walk and the Ancient Empires Forest.

It is a pleasant and easy drive along the South Coast Highway from everywhere. Located in Denmark Shire, the Treetop Walk is actually closer to the town of Walpole.

The Valley of the Giants and the Ancient Empires Walk is great for all ages. Located just off the South Coast Highway between Walpole and Denmark, the way is well marked. We have been there several times and have enjoyed every visit.

Platform in the Valley of the Giants
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