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Beaches in Denmark, Western Australia

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Denmark has many beautiful beaches:

Tree-covered hills, rivers, inlets and the Southern Ocean make Denmark's beaches quite unique. The rugged coastline means there are many separate beaches ending in ancient granite rocks, dune cliffs, or stretches of hills rolling into the ocean. This gives each beach it's own character, aspect, rip and weather conditions. Always swim with a partner and only where it is safe.

  • Ocean Beach (Swimming between the Flags)
    Denmark's closest and most popular beach.
    The Ocean Beach Surf Lifesaving Club is situated at Ocean Beach. Ocean Beach is popular with surfers because of it's great waves. Surfers seen daily. The Denmark Surf Life Saving Club patrol it on weekends from December to March.
  • Lights Beach (Unpatrolled)
    Giant waves buffet the coastline along Lights Beach which is just outside the eastern boundary of William Bay National Park. Lights Beach has three seperate beaches, one with a 'princess pool' where waves crash over rocks, pour down a waterfall and carve a long curving path back to the ocean. Spectacular!
  • Greens Pool (Unpatrolled)
    Safe for families and children due to the rock reef close to shore. Patrolled in summer holidays. Check with visitors centre or shire do be sure.
  • Elephant Cove (Unpatrolled)
    Larger waves than Greens Pool though the shallow sloping beach is great for getting your feet wet.

Denmark Beaches Map:

Denmark Map Western Australia Denmark Beaches Map
See where all the beaches are in relation to eachother. Once you get your bearings it's easy to get around. All the major beaches are accessible via well traveled roads and are well marked. If you're looking for a quick look at the ocean, we'd recommend Ocean Beach near the Lifesaving Club. That's also the place to surf (see below). Visit the Denmark Beaches Map now.

Other beaches of Denmark WA include:

Denmark Regional Beaches:

Ocean Beach, Denmark, WA Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach is set between the Wilson Inlet and the Great Southern Ocean and is Denmark's closest beach. A popular surfing spot with a lookout to watch the action.
Greens Pool, Denmark, WA Greens Pool
SAFE SWIMMING FOR ALL AGES Fifteen kilometers west of Denmark: Greens Pool. Sheltered by rounded rock boulders, Greens Pool is paradise.
Elephant Rocks, Denmark Western Australia Elephant Rocks & Elephant Cove
The giant elephants stand together facing into the waves of the Great Southern Ocean.
Lights Beach, Denmark WA Lights Beach
The Lookout at the carpark is inspiring with a paved walkway heading west along the ridge behind the beach offering spectacular views of the beach and heathland.
Waterfall Beach Western Australia Waterfall Beach
The beach is somewhat sheltered with beautiful turquoise waters. The waterfall is on the far side of the beach, to the left from the carpark.
Anvil Beach Denmark Western Australia Anvil Beach
Anvil Beach is a beautiful beach on the south side of Nullaki Peninsula on the Great Southern Ocean. It has white sand and a fresh sea breeze.
Elephant Cove, Denmark Western Australia Elephant Cove, Denmark Western Australia
Anvil Beach, Nullaki Peninsula

Elephant Cove, Denmark Western AustraliaElephant Cove, Denmark Western Australia
Elephant Cove, William Bay National Park


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Denmark Western Australia on the South Coast of Western Australia is part of a national biosphere area and deserves our care and respect. Please try to be responsible for your environmental impact when visiting Denmark WA.