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Walks in Denmark, Western Australia

There are so many walks in Denmark, Western Australia! Our favourites are at the top - after all these are the ones we walk so often!

If you visit the visitors centre when you get to town you can pick up a trails map. Pretty much everywhere in Denmark is connected to a walking trail.

Remember, walking in the Denmark bushland is not like strolling down a sidewalk. There are creatures who also inhabit the countryside - it is important for you to take care. Always go walking with a partner, let others know where you have gone, and take water along as well as wear proper hiking attire.

Walking along the Great South West Edge along the Bibbulmun Track is truly a magnificent experience. We even have friends who moved to Denmark from Perth and WALKED the whole way. Extraordinary!

Click for info on the Bibbulmun Track... or visit the Denmark Town Walk, Short Walks, Long Walks, Beach Walks, Treetop Walks...

Denmark Hike Walking at Lights Beach, Denmark WA

Short Walks

Denmark Heritage Rail Bridge, Western Australia Heritage Rail Trail, Denmark
The historic Rail Bridge is easily accessed from Denmark Town driving south along the river (Hollings Drive) where you will find parking spaces, picnic tables and a gazebo set for tourists. Visit Heritage Rail Trail
Mokare Heritage Trail, Western Australia Mokare Heritage Trail
The Mokare Heritage Trail winds along the east side of the Denmark River between the Denmark Traffic Bridge (along South Coast Hwy) and the Heritate Rail Bridge @ the rivermouth. Visit the Mokare Heritage Trail
Harewood Forest Trail, Denmark, Western Australia Harewood Forest
Harewood Forest is an almost 1.5k walk through the forest. The stream at the end is the turn-around point. Filled with information on history, flora & fauna. Learn as you walk. Visit Harewood Forest

Long Walks & Hikes in Denmark WA:

The Bibbulmun Track

The Bibbulmun Track is one of the world's great long distance walk trails, stretching nearly 1000kms from Kalamunda (Perth Hills) to Albany (South Coast) through the heart of the scenic South West of Western Australia: Denmark!

The track was officially opened during Western Australia's 150th year celebrations, included involved over 1000 walkers on different stages. There are almost fifty campsites along the Track which are spaced one day's walk apart. The track passes through most of the beautiful places along the Rainbow Coast.

Bibbulmun Track overlooking Nullaki Peninsula, the Wilson Inlet & Ocean Beach

Check out the view from Monkey Rock out towards the cliffs of Nullaki Peninsula!

The water in the foreground is the outlet of the Wilson Inlet with the darker waters of the Great Southern Ocean in the background. Walking up the hill to Monkey Rock is quite a hike but well worth it for the view. There is also a magnificent view over William Bay National Park.

This part of the Bibbulmun Track offers extraordinary views of the Denmark Region. Well worth a visit!

Bibbulmun Track overlooking Nullaki Peninsula, the Wilson Inlet & Ocean Beach

Locations in Denmark along The Bibbulmun Track

Waugal Bibbulmun Track, Denmark WA Bibbulmun Track
The 'Waugal' is the symbol and trail marker of the Bibbulmun Track. Learn more about the Bibbulmun Track
Tower Hill, William Bay National Park Tower Hill, William Bay NP
Tower Hill is located a few kilometres north of Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks at the eastern end of William Bay National Park. Visit Tower Hill, William Bay National Park
Monkey Rock Western Australia Monkey Rock
Spectacular views over William Bay Nat. Park, Ratcliffe Bay, Ocean Beach and the Nullaki Peninsula. The 4 km return walk from the car park is up hill, but worth every step! Visit Monkey Rock
West Cape Howe National Park West Cape Howe NP
Western Australia's southern most point. Hang glide from the Shelley Beach platforms or admire the view to the point. West Cape Howe NP


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Town Walk

  Denmark Town Walk
Denmark is just the right size to stroll around. The markers in the map can all be visited individually or as a circular walk. If you've got the time to shop as you walk, you could spend most of a day strolling through town too. Visit the Denmark Town Walk.

Berridge Park, Denmark AustraliaSt Leonard's Anglican Church, Denmark WADenmark Historical Museum

Denmark, Australia


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Beach Walks:

  City of Albany Western Australia Greens Pool
Fifteen kilometers to the west of Denmark is the magical Greens Pool. Almost completely sheltered from the waves by the rounded rock boulders, Greens Pool is paradise. Visit Greens Pool. Denmark Hike
Greens Pool, Denmark Australia Elephant Rocks, Denmark Western Australia Elephant Rocks & Elephant Cove
The giant elephants stand together facing into the waves of the Great Southern Ocean. Visit Elephant Rocks & Elephant Cove Waterfall Beach Western Australia Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach is set between the Wilson Inlet and the Great Southern Ocean and is Denmark's closest beach. A popular surfing spot with a lookout to watch the action. Visit Ocean Beach. Anvil Beach Denmark Western Australia Anvil Beach
Anvil Beach is a beautiful beach on the south side of Nullaki Peninsula on the Great Southern Ocean. It has white sand and a fresh sea breeze. Visit Anvil Beach.
Lights Beach, Denmark WA Lights Beach
The Lookout at the carpark is inspiring with a paved walkway heading west along the ridge behind the beach offering spectacular views of the beach and heathland. Visit Lights Beach.


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Walks with Admission Costs:

  Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk Denmark Western Australia Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk
The architecturally designed pathway takes you gradually into the giant forest canopy. The view is breathtaking. Visit the Valley Of the Giants. Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk, Denmark Western Australia


Ancient Empires Walk, Valley of the Giants Ancient Empires Walk
The Ancient Empires Walk is FREE and takes you through the forest at the base of the Giant Tingle Trees. Combined with your ticket to the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk, it is the most visited place on the coast. Visit Ancient Empires Walk.



Denmark Western Australia Wine Guide
Denmark Western Australia on the South Coast of Western Australia is part of a national biosphere area and deserves our care and respect. Please try to be responsible for your environmental impact when visiting Denmark WA.

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