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Denmark and the South West Edge of Australia is home to one of the richest floras in the world.

Pixie Mops, Wildflower of WAThere's always something blooming in the forests. In the winter months and into summer the colours change as each flower takes it's turn opening to the sun.

Down here in the deep south west of WA we're on the edge of the Walpole Wilderness Area, the Great South West Edge which stretches from Denmark to Agusta, 400km to the north west.

"The Walpole Wilderness Reserve is a International Bio diversity area as within its 846,000 hectares it contains hundreds of flora and fauna otherwise extinct. There are more than 4000 species of flowering plants, of which 80% grow nowhere else* This proliferation occurred after the isolation of the region from Eastern Australia in the early Cretaceous age some 100 million years ago."

*Wildflowers of Southern Australia, Margaret G Corrick & Bruce A. Fuhrer.

Native Wisteria, Wildflower of WA Wedge-leaved Dryandra, Wildflower of WA

There are a few beautiful places to see wildflowers when they're in bloom. William Bay National Park has several short walks which take you through bushland to outcrops, beaches or lookouts all along the coast.

Eutaxia myrtifolia, Wildflower of Denmark, Western Australia

Southern Cross, Wildflower of Denmark, Western Australia

Vanilla Lily, Wildflower of Denmark, Western Australia

LOCAL WILDFLOWERS and most likely times to see them.

Jan – April:
Albany Bottlebrush - Callistemon speciosus
Swamp Bottlebrush – Beaufortia sparsa

Feb – April:
Lanoline Bush – Franklandia fucifolia

May – October:
Qualup Bell – Pimelea physodes

May – Jan:
Scarlet Banksia – Banksia coccinea

June – July:
Royal Hakea – Hakea victoria

June – October:
Coral Vine - Kennedia coccinea
Blue Tinsel Lily – Calectasia grandiflora

June – Nov:
Rose Cornflower – Isopogan formosus
Red Leschenaultia – Lechenaultia Formosa

July – Nov:
Winged Bornia – Boronia alata

July – December:
Scallops – Hakea cucullate
Large Waxflower – Chamelaucium megalopetalum

August – November:
Corky Honeymyrtle – Melaleuca suberosa

August – December:
Black Kennedia – Kennedia nigricans

Sept – Dec:
Hooded Lily – Johnsonia lupulina
Red Kangaroo Paw – Anigozanthos rufus

Sept – Jan:
Sticky Tailflower – Anthocercis viscosa

Nov – April:
Albany Pitcher Plant – Cephalotus follicularis

All year round:
Chittick – Lambertia inermis

Coral Vine, Wildflower of WA
Pixie Mops, Wildflower of WA
If you're coming to enjoy nature, remember to respect all signs and warnings and leave it as you found it.
Southern CrossCoral Vine Sticky Tail Flower
From Left to Right: Southern Cross: Xanthosia rotundifolia. Coral Vine: Kennedia coccinea. Sticky Tail Flower: Anthoceris viscosa.
Eutaxia myrtifolia
Eutaxia myrtifolia
Vanilla Lilly
Vanilla Lilly /Purple Tassel: Sowerbaea laxiflora
Swamp bottlebrush
Swamp bottlebrush: Beaufortia sparsa
Wildflower at Lights Beach, Denmark Western Australia
Wildflower at Lights Beach, Denmark Western Australia
Wildflower at Lights Beach, Denmark Western Australia
Coral VineCoral VineCoral Vine

Wildflower at Lights Beach, Denmark Western Australia

Come and witness for yourself the splendour of the wildflowers of Denmark!


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Denmark Western Australia on the South Coast of Western Australia is part of a national biosphere area and deserves our care and respect. Please try to be responsible for your environmental impact when visiting Denmark WA.