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Monkey Rock
in the Denmark Region

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Monkey Rocks doesn't look like such a big deal from the bottom. Sure, they're big rocks poking out of the treetops, but why climb all the way up there?

Because the view is spectacular!

Monkey Rock , only slightly lower than Mount Hallowell to the north, has amazing views over William Bay National Park (west) and Ratcliffe Bay. You can even see the waves on Ocean Beach and the cliffs of Nullaki Peninsula, home of Anvil Beach.

There is a 4wd track from the lower car park to a circular gravel carpark at near the summit. This track is sometimes closed and driving is not advised in winter. The 4 kilometre return walk from the car park is quite an climb, so come prepared with water and a few snacks - and bring your camera.

Monkey Rock over William Bay Natonal Park
View west over William Bay National Park

Monkey Rock from the BaseMonkey Rock, from the bottom...

Views looking UP
at Monkey Rock.

Monkey Rock east over Ratcliffe Bay
View East over The Wilson Inlet and Ratcliffe Bay


Monkey Rock from the BaseMonkey Rock from the BaseMonkey Rock from the Base

When you reack the top you have to climb out onto the rocks. The path is clear but you will need to use your hands to get past the first boulder. From there it's a gentle stroll to the summit. And wow, what a view!

The views east over the Wilson Inlet, Ocean Beach and Nullaki Peninsula as well as the views west over William Bay National Park are worth the climb. The great expanse of the Southern Ocean fills the horizon. It's easy to see the curvature of the earth from this lookout point. Brilliant. Click here to see a Monkey Rock Map.

If it's windy or raining we'd advise NOT to go up. The rocks can be dangerous, so be careful.

Rainbow Coast Tips
DANGER: Monkey Rocks can be a dangerous place as there are no guard rails. Be extremely careful and watch children at all times.
Video - Denmark Region
Monkey Rock Panorama over the surrounding area
from the East, panning across William Bay in the West.
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Denmark Western Australia on the South Coast of Western Australia is part of a national biosphere area and deserves our care and respect. Please try to be responsible for your environmental impact when visiting Denmark WA.