Prawn Rock Channel

At Ocean Beach and the Wilson Inlet, Denmark

Prawn Rock Channel @ Ocean Beach

Prawn Rock Channel is picture perfect!  Prawn Rock Channel is located close to where the Wilson Inlet flows into the Southern Ocean at Ocean Beach (when the beach is breached). Depending on the time of year the channel is either turquoise blue with the ocean water flowing into it or dark blue/grey with the inlet flowing through it out towards sea.  See the Inlet Opening information below for details.

Peaceful, safe

Prawn Rock Channel is perfect for a picnic, with a grassy area right in front of the water, with space to relax.  It is also good for a swim, with no waves, it is ideal for learners! 

Close to Ocean Beach

The scenery around is beautiful in every direction.  When the channel is open you can swim into the sea at Ocean Beach.

You can also walk from Prawn Rock Channel to Ocean Beach.  There is a free carpark. The Ocean Beach Look-Out is only 2 minutes walk away.  From the Look-Out you can see across to the Nullaki Peninsula, gorgeous views.

Dogs are not allowed on the carpark side of Prawn Rock Channel.

Wilson Inlet facing North

On the opposite side of the channel is a small island, called 'Dog Island'.  There are two small footbridges across the inlet.  The island is good to take a stroll around and includes a dog exercise area for our four legged friends! See the dog exercise info below.

Wilson Inlet facing North
Wilson Inlet facing North
Wilson Inlet facing North

Prawn Rock Channel

Prawn Rock Water

Prawn Rock Channel & the Wilson Inlet

Black Swan - Western Australia FlagKnown as Koorabup (Kwoorabup) "The Place of the Black Swan" by the Noongar, the Wilson Inlet is a haven for the black swan, the Icon (on the flag>>) of Western Australia.

The Wilson Inlet is over twenty kilometres long. Home to a variety of fish and bird life, the quiet and peaceful Inlet has many places to sit and enjoy the view.   The sandbar, for most of the year, divides the inlet from the Southern Ocean, however (almost) every year a channel is dug to reduce the water level of the Inlet (which if left unchecked will flood roads and properties).

When the channel through Ocean Beach is open, the ocean and inlet exchange water. When the blue waters of the ocean flow INTO the inlet, Prawn Rock Channel is blue.

Dog Island

There is a great dog-exercise area on Dog Island, accessible just north of Prawn Rock Channel via two footbridges. Here is a map of the Dog Exercise Area north of Prawn Rock Channel

Dog Owners, Attention:

PLEASE pay attention to where you are (and are NOT) allowed to bring your dogs in this area. The inlet waterways and beaches are protected and please remember, dogs are NOT allowed on Ocean Beach.

Dog Friendly Exercise Areas in Denmark WA

Opening the Wilson Inlet Channel through Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach Channel Digging

It is periodically opened by digging a channel. Ocean Beach Lookout is great for seeing the sand-bar opened or closed offering spectacular views of the Wilson Inlet and the Great Southern Ocean.

Prawn Rock Channel, Flood Levels

An OPEN Channel at Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach Channel Open = Turquoise Waters

When the channel is open, and the tide is HIGH, the ocean is flowing INTO the inlet, turning the waters a beautiful turquoise blue. At LOW tide, the Inlet is flowing into the Ocean, and the tannin-stained waters flowing out into the ocean are brown.

Why open a channel to the ocean?

The water level can peak at any time during winter. A big deluge and it can rise quickly and needs to be released... by digging a channel through Ocean Beach.

The Prawn Rock Channel curve in Ocean Beach Road is almost underwater in this photo, as the footpath is just becoming submurged.  In mid-summer, the water is well below this high-water line.

Prawn Rock Channel, Flood Levels

Carpark Submerged

The rivers keep on flowing, the rain keeps coming, and the Inlet keeps on rising.

During an open-channel time, the ocean exchange is important to the ecosystems of the inlet. Getting fresh ocean water INTO the inlet injects new life into the Wilson.

Once in a while we get a BIG RAIN before the expected opening and things get a little... over-full.

This is the carpark at the northern end of Prawn Rock Channel. As you can see, it's flooded and looks like part of the inlet!

Prawn Rock Channel, Flood Levels

Map of the Wilson Inlet and surrounds:

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